School Hours:

9.00 a.m. – 2.40 p.m.

Mid-morning Break:   11.00a.m. – 11.10 a.m.

Lunch Break: 1.00 p.m. – 1.30 p.m.



St. Patrick’s school uniform consists of a navy trousers, light blue shirt, navy tie and grey crested jumper. A school tracksuit is also available for physical activities, tours etc. Both the uniform and tracksuit are available in Barry’s Menswear and Physical on the main street of Mallow town.


St. Patrick’s welcomes any new pupils that wish to enroll in our school. We cater for boys from 1st to 6th Class. Our school has a Catholic ethos but we welcome and are sensitive to children of other beliefs. If you are interested in enrolling for the coming year please read the details below. An online application form is also available to print out.


Experience has shown that a Code of Discipline is only effective in the long term when used with a system of reward / promoting positive pupil behavior.  To this  end our attached code of Discipline has been reviewed to ensure that it promotes positive behavior.

The language used in the Code of Discipline, the School Rules and Information for Parents has been phrased in positive rather than negative language i.e. what one should do rather than should not.

This philosophy permeates the atmosphere of the school and present / past pupils have commented upon the fairness of the manner in which they were treated here in St. Patricks B.N.S.

To this end we employ a system of reward practices – both structured and unstructured.  Each teacher has his/her own style of classroom management which includes a positive reward system – effort not results are paramount.  Some rewards are short term – some long term. These include:

A trophy is given out in each classroom each weekend for the pupil making the most effort – a colourful cert is also sent home and retained.  

Trophy given out each month to class which impresses the most in making an honest effort at school work, movement throughout the school, behavior in yard etc.  Homework vouchers given to entire class by Principal – extra P.E. class taken by Principal also awarded.

These are “Homework off” vouchers given out in class and by Principal to reward effort 

One award / trophy given out at special assembly each June – one per classroom. Awarded to the pupil who epitomised the effort expected and also showed good example to others.  Local celebrity/dignitary invited to present awards.  Parents of recipients are also invited.

Pupils are brought on stage at every opportunity to acknowledge effort /success at sporting / cultural events etc.

Our newsletters regularly carry “news” from various classrooms and acknowledge effort / success at sporting / cultural events.  Various quizzes – Credit Union  /National Parents Council etc. are contended. Art / Modeling competition such as Mallow Community Games etc. are very popular amongst the pupils.  Christmas magazines are made up entirely of contributions from pupils i.e. stories, puzzles, jokes etc.  Each pupil receives a free copy.


We consider our staff to be our greatest resource.  The good relationships and camaraderie that exists in the Staffroom are transferred to the children.  We place great emphasis on teamwork.  Teachers share their enthusiasms in the following areas – Music, Art and Crafts, Sports, Environmental Studies, Computer / the Internet, Leisure reading etc.. This is done on a formal and informal basis – the formal being the transfer of teachers between classes to share expertise to the benefit of a maximum number of pupils – for example Art & Craft / P.E./  Music etc. Staff outings and weekend breaks organised by our Social Committee play a vital role in teambuilding and positive staff relations.